At Rosny, we are an inclusive and active church which aims to know, experience, and share Jesus Christ.

Below you will find some resources to help you grow in your walk with God.

What We're Saying

About What We Believe

About What We Believe

God desires all of us to see a clear picture of His character and what his will is for our lives and this world. When we understand His character we will discover that God longs to commune with His people. God has revealed Himself in 3 great events, firstly creation of this world and people, secondly the death where Jesus died on the cross as our substitute. Finally, Jesus rose from the dead which guarantees the forgiveness of our sins which allows us to spend eternity with Him.

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On the Radio

On the Radio

Faith FM is Australia’s a radio station with a difference. It brings to you the best of lifestyle and spiritual content to fill your life with hope and purpose. Faith FM covers important topics from Family Life to physical health and Christian Music. For information about Faith FM click the link below.

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Hope Channel and 3 ABN are a family friendly TV network that broadcasts all over the world via satellite. Viewers will appreciate that spiritual content that appeals to a wide variety of ages and cultures. There are a rich variety of programs that covers health, careers and spiritual well-being that will you will find stimulating. To find out more click the link below.

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